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The Start of the 2011 Clear Out

I'm a big believer in new starts and self-improvement so it's no big surprise that I'm a fan of fresh starts and resolutions. In fact, I usually keep my resolutions. 

But I'm not blogging today about my resolutions (still putting finishing touches on those!) but because this past week I have been working on my "New Years Eve clean out". 

I'm not going to bore you with paragraphs about finding something that belonged to my ex-boyfriend in my cupboard, but more about what I actually mean by New Years Eve clean out, what it is I actually clean out and why I do it (and why you maybe should too). 

I usually did a clear out most summers between academic years (because that always marked a new year for me back when I was fifteen) but it was only last year that I did a proper New Years Eve cleanout. And let me tell you: it was liberating! Whilst sometimes we hold onto to things or just forget to check what is in that drawer getting rid of the old is a great why to let in the new. 

What I generally tend to do:

Clean out my room
Tip out all drawers. Either keep, put away in my memories box, put in the loft, or completely throw out. Because I'll be up with my parents in Aberdeen during Hogmany I'll only get to do this to my childhood bedroom which has it's benefits as it means I can get rid of anything that might have piled up whilst I've been gone. I gave my own flat in Dundee a big clear out before I went on Christmas holiday so should be returning to a nice clean flat. However the week between deadlines and going back to classes I intend to look through all my property and decide what I can do without. 

Get rid of anything that carries a bad memory
Just as you might throw out romantic tokens after a bad break-up if something less than ideal has happened to you in 2011 take time to consider if keeping certain items might be holding you back. As I was clearing my own flat before I came up the road I kept seeing the bag that my possessions were taken from during the burglary. I thought I might re-wear bag again eventually but it's now been two months and I'm nowhere closer to not getting a stab in my upper-chest when I see it. When I return to Dundee I'll be putting it into a charity shop in hope that something good can come from something so bad. 

Or if you can't quite bring yourself to throw anything out fashion yourself a "memory box". I've had one since I was thirteen (there about) where I keep memories that whilst they're not exactly my fondest of times I still hold dear to my heart. Teenage diaries that show how far I've come and funeral programmes from those passed away too soon are what can be found in mine. 

Are you friends with this person anymore? No? Then why do you follow them?
Knowing who to delete off your Facebook can be hard. Will you eventually have to re-kindle the friendship for professional reasons? Or maybe you don't want them to get the impression that you hate them. Because you actually don't. There will always be people that will stay on your friends list because they have to. On mine, there are coursemates, workmates and other people I still know in some vicinity. And they will still there for a while under the setting that stops their updates from coming up on my newsfeed. :p

And something I didn't do this year but will this time is unlike a lot of pages that I have no interest in buying anything from. As a Facebook marketer, I understand the thrill of having someone like your page but I'd rather have people who were genuinely interested liking it than forcing it on people who have no interest.  If you don't care about deals on fruit smoothies then unlike the Innocent page, again if you don't drink fizzy drinks, unlike Coca Cola. Also, have you left university? Then why are you still following the library page?

Other online haunts
Last year I deleted my MySpace, Digg, Bebo, Plurk and Livejournal account. Whilst I do have fond memories connected with these sites putting in that much energy to make sure that no outdated information exists about me out there was time-consuming and at times draining. No one uses these sites anymore and the only time I look at Myspace is to LOL at those I know who never updated their profiles! Who's to say no one is doing the same to me?

Because everything is looking quite clean there's not much to do aside from make sure everyone I follow on Twitter is still active and that I only follow blogs that still interest me (and make sure that all blogs I like are followed in one way or another- recently spotted that I forgot a few old favourites because I switched blog subscription services).  

Also, consider re-writing your blurbs to make sure it truly represents you and the way in which you use that account.

Clean out make-up
Anything out of date or completely lost it's texture is gone. Or if still in good condition but not my thing I give it along to a friend who might want it. 

Kitchen cupboards
You'd be surprised at what can sit old and smelly at the back of a cupboard. Before coming up to my parents I did a bit of reorganising of my cupboards. As I said with arranging my bedroom because if I can't see what I own then how are am I going to remember I own it? The same goes for cooking. I found multiple jars of ginger and cinnamon, all bought because I didn't realise I already owned it. Keeping everything tidy and in view saves you money ;)

My Filofax
I had a quick flick through my Filofax today for some inspiration. My Filofax still has a similar layout to what it had back in mid 2010 with a few bits and bobs changed here and there (obv since my ex's name is shown in those photographs :P). I'm planning to sit down with it in the next view days and give it a proper overhaul. If you own a diary consider giving it a shake up. Remove old to-do lists. And consider a new way of using it in the new year. 

Do you also do a clean out? Or do you just hold onto everything?

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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