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Have a Charitable Christmas

As much as Christmas can be a great time for (fake veggie) Turkey, opening presents and playing along with your kid cousin about Santa, for many people in this world Christmas can be a lonely and painful time - we've not all got that disposable income to spend on fur coats! Today I made my contribution to helping those less fortunate than myself.

As some may have noticed (from my blurb on the sidebar) I am the President (and founder) of my university's cupcake society. Today we took part in a cross-society event where each society had a stall of which they donated proceeds to a charity of their choice. Obviously we baked cupcakes, and our charity of choice was National AIDS Trust to mark the recent passing of World's AIDS Day. Above are the Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting cakes I baked (recipe here).

The star above was five pounds with the donation going towards Young Epilepsy, a charity dedicated to helping kids and young adults with epilepsy. Unfortuently I can find no link online for you to purchase your own star, which is a shame cause mine is gorgeous!

These goodies were also in aid of Young Epilsepy. Hand made by their president you can view all her craftiness on her DeviantART page. :) There were so many cute designs on offer that choosing was hard but I chose the Little Mermaid (in her human form) and some cherries. 

The Young Epilepsy goodies were available through the Drama society table who tragically lost their founder and friend just over one year ago to an epileptic attack. Whilst it may be hard to believe dying from epilepsy is not as rare you might think. Until her death I was unaware that anyone could die from epilepsy (I was also unaware that epilepsy existed until I was thirteen when Hollyoaks ran a story on it). Whilst I support charities for children with cancer for some very personal reasons, cancer isn't an overlooked area - we all know cancer can kill, unfortunetly there are many diseases out there that people don't know can kill, epilepsy being one of them. 

This slightly odd keyring was taken from a stall which was ran by the Renaissance Martial Arts Society in aid of Help for Heroes. They had a stall with a few fun fair things like down the pint (!!) and the slightly more casual guess the name of the bear. Whilst I wouldn't have bought this keyring myself it was for charity and I like supporting a good cause.

Not pictured above was also the Games Interest Group who ran a "pay to play" stall which raised money for Special Effect - a revolutionary charity which helps children with disabilities enjoy computer games. Another charity that I want to draw attention to. Many of us grew up with some kind of PC game in our lives and for many was an integral part of our up-bringing. For many other children it isn't, due to some kind of disability which means they can't even play them.

I don't want to sound preachy and tell you to donate all your winter coats to the homeless. I'm as materialistic as the next blogger but taking some time out to remember that for some people Christmas is still just another day where they live with AIDS, could suffer an epileptic attack, struggle to play a PC game or have someone spoon feed them because of what happened in the war zone. I've seen it mentioned via Twitter (I believe it was Londonlipgloss) who re-tweeted the idea of all us GlossyBox/Boudiour Prive girls using our leftover boxes and filling them up with products for Give and Make Up. Many of you will already have plenty of stuff to donate! 

Happy charitying! 

Morag x

P.S. Studies have shown that those who help others are happier people as a whole. That shouldn't be your main reason for doing it but it is persuasive! 
morag | mo adore
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