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Christmas Eve 2011

Just a quick one depicting some pictures (of food and decorations) from my Christmas Eve festivities. Some of my relatives are downstairs so don't want to stay up here too long (they know that I'm active online in one form or another - they know my job is to update the internet!). It's pretty much been tradition within my (nuclear) family for a few years now to have nibbles on Christmas Eve as opposed to a full meal. Usually high in cheese and dips type thing, but this year there was a lot of fruit and olives going about! Which is no fault in my eyes! I genuinely love these kinds of foods.

Tomorrow I will be having Christmas Dinner round at my uncle's (he's in my house right now) as he only lives round the corner from us and has the bigger house. Two of my cousins plus one of their girlfriend's will be there. I'm kind of stuck for New Years resolutions as everything is going quite well for me right now but I think one might be to stay in better contact with my extended family such as cousins. The sudden death of someone I knew aged 21 recently hit home of just how suddenly people can be taken away from you. 

Being the only vegetarian in my family means that I will be getting up early-ish tomorrow to prepare my own main course dish and also putting together the finishing touches to my Gingerbread House. :D First time I've ever had any real stress on Christmas haha. Don't know how all the mums and dads deal with it! 

Hope you have a happy Christmas tomorrow dudes! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, hope you have a happy regular day (or happy celebrations if there's another celebration on the 25th you partake in!). 
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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