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Things I Love Thursdays #19

things i love thursdays

So guys! Hopefully a bit more uplifting than my last TiLT! And thankfully it is. Even though part of me still churns when someone mentions photos that were taken on that camera I have a lot to be grateful for. Many things. 

Event after event after event. 
Whilst maybe my coursework possibly isn't getting as much attention as it deserves many of the events I am attending are to do careers and networking. I'm never short of things to attend or invitations to reply to. From the SIE Regional Enterprise Day to events where I get to meet Jim Eastwood I'm never short of new faces or new ideas. (Also, anyone else thinking of attending the Scottish Bloggers Meet-Up?)

Overhearing something nice about you
It's always lovely to get a compliment to your face but there's just something extra flattering about knowing someone says nice things about you to other people and not just in front of you. I put a lot of effort into extra-curricular work at university and recently it got back to me that some people higher up within management are really grateful for everything I do! They always say it to me but to hear that they've been telling others of my hard work is really flattering! 

Having committed individuals within your "work place"
And by work place I mean the Baking society I run within my university. You know, same thing? From stories I hear from my mum about managing people (in an actual work place)  it can be a right stress-inducing nightmare! Whilst I have similar problems I am very grateful for the members who reply quickly and do what they say they will. Love ♥ 

My current financial situation
Whilst I am not going to divulge my bank account details on the internet let's just say the hard work I've been doing is paying off. 

Dundee now has a Paperchase store.
Superficial, yes. But people are more likely to get Christmas cards this year because if it. Anyone else seen the designs in their charity Christmas cards collection

Lots and lots of love. 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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