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Sunday Reflections 14

On Monday night I went to a charity Pub Quiz organised by Rotaract Dundee. I'm not really all that at pub quizzes but it was for a good cause and my friend is the President. Whilst heading there we were down some side streets where I spotted some really nifty independent shops. I've been meaning to have a look for some in Dundee (let's be honest Dundee is hardly a centre for fashion) and it was really handy just to stumble across some. I reckon it's really doubtful I could afford that couch, but I can dream. (someone I was with - who is a member of my cupcake society - said we should buy it with our society funds and just lay on it whilst we sell cakes!). I also attended this week the Enterprise Day ran by The Scottish Institute for Enterprise and I sat in on the creative enterprise talk (something Dundee is good for is creative industries so I'm never short of finding business talks to attend!). 

I'm currently not really liking the replacement camera I have at the moment so I'll only be showing quick snapshots of my outfits through these posts. I really need to get myself organised and cash in some money from my birthday and purchase that long-lusted after DSLR! But just so much is happening right now. 

And the pizza? I woke up seriously hungover on Saturday (never down the last few slivers of straight vodka - never mind how small!) and couldn't bring myself to leave my bed. So I got a home delivered pizza for the first time in two years. I'm not really all that big on junk food so this was new haha. I didn't even realise how small "small" is. 

And obviously you can see that I'm getting a bit excited for Christmas what with all the glittery Jesus statues and my slight hints at presents. 

Hope you all had a good week 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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