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Things I Love Thursdays #18: Coming To Terms With This Worst

Last week I wrote about coming to terms with one of the worst periods of my life, roughly on the one year anniversary of it occurring.

One year on I felt great. Whilst there was a lot of crying done in the past year everything else had worked out perfectly, and one year on I was basking in what I had achieved and how great life was.

Until I woke up on Saturday morning to realise I had been burgled. Whilst asleep. In the next room.

Despite having had a few experiences in life that taught me "never assume these things happen to other people" I had complacently left my window open. On a ground floor flat. With the first interior door open so you could see right through my living room.

Yeah. I'm an idiot.

And whilst this is obviously a terrible experience and I will try and grieve it out properly ('cause I normally don't) I am going to use this TiLT to try and see the positive through this time of my life.

Nothing happened to me
I am okay. At least physically. I was in the flat at the time and need to be grateful that my bedroom wasn't touched. (In fact the first thing that struck me as odd was the living room door which leads through to the hallway, bathroom and bedroom, was close to be being completely shut).

I had slept through it
Yes, I may have had more to tell the police if I had been woken up but I am grateful I slept through it. If I had been woken by the noise I may have been frightened, by myself, at two in the morning. Eleven in the morning is a better time to discover your missing possessions when you can phone people and have someone be there for you. Plus, what if I had innocently woken up, not heard anything, and wondered through to the kitchen for a glass of water? I think we all know what that could have meant.

Not much was taken
My first check after finding my teapot outside (yes, true part of the story) was for my purse and later I spotted my camera was gone. Whilst my point and shoot camera was one of my favourite electronics they might have also got my phone, or PC (which was in the living room), netbook or baking equipment (as the president of a baking society this would have been quite hard to deal with).

It was an opportunist attack
Whilst the police reminded me to keep my window shut they did repeat several times that I don't live in a high crime area and it there is nothing to believe my flat was targeted (I'm a student, duh). Whilst still hard to deal with someone having been in my living space; knowing that my flat wasn't targeted for some reason is a relief.

I was planning on replacing the stolen goods
Well at least considering. So the choice to replace them was taken away but my purse had a broken zip and my camera had so-so battery life and these days you can get 14 mega-pixel cameras for the price I had bought that one for. Maybe some photos were taken away (happened when my PC crashed and I know I can move on from that) but I can buy a new camera (a better one).

Everyone around me acted quickly
I had a friend round in six minutes flat. My mum set out to move one city across only a half hour after my call. She also stayed the night and insisted it would be better than me going home to them and then having to come back to the flat alone. My parents have also given me a spare camera from their house until I sort out my new one. The Bank of Scotland also dealt swiftly with the stolen card and I already have my replacement. So thank you for everyone that helped during these few days.

Remember kids, stay safe, lock your windows and get contents insurance.

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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