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Things I Love Thursdays #17

A fairy cat? Why not?

You know that time last week when I blogged almost every day? That's kind of not happened since. Even though I'm wearing loads of new clothes and outfit photos should be splattered across my blog. Between moving flats, working almost full time and flying in some last minute practice before my driving test next week time has been short (despite loads of drafts piled up in my dasboard).

So what are you grateful for this week?

My new phone. It's the HTC EVO 3D I'll have you know. The 3D feature is pretty sweet but ignoring that it's a pretty snazzy phone all round. Fast, does so much and should help make my life way more organised.  Been playing with new apps already and hoping it will help me organise my online life more (how many social accounts do I have that don't get used? Many).

Being able to use location-based marketing. Eh, what? You know Foursquare and the like. Not being able to tweet on the go or upload photos straight away never bothered me too much to make me get a smart phone. But when I discovered a few of my friends making use of Foursquare I just knew it was time to make the switch. N.B. I work in social media so being ahead of marketing opportunities is important. That's what I tell myself anyway. 

Being in the overdraft clear. I paid off my overdraft sometime ago but it was this week that I have become very much in the clear. A few hundred in the clear. I'm generally good with money but in my previous year at uni I partied too much to deal with horrible horrible circumstances and then got a job which made me think I could splash loads of cash again. I'm going to try and not make that mistake again. 

Finally saying goodbye to that year. Let's just say that last year was a a bit crap. This time last year I was just about to become homeless through actions that were not my own fault and my then relationship was practically in tatters. I moved out of my old place this week, handed in keys and have finally and completely said goodbye to everything that happened. And I'm not in a much better place. 

So new flat, new me? Maybe. Hopefully with more than just a room to myself I should be so much more productive with an actual study area in the living room instead of a bedroom which is study/sleeping place/dressing area. 

Morag x 

morag | mo adore
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