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Things I Love Thursday #15: Really exciting news

No I didn't get new cameras, but still something amazing has happened!

Remember that job I went on about last semester? You know the one I loved? The one I woke up to each day not dreading going to? Well, I've got it back baby!

Yesterday afternoon after a day where me and my dad spent with our heads physically inside my PC trying to get my new sound card to work (long story short: we did it) I came across a nice e-mail. The e-mail I had been waiting for all summer. The one that told me I would be working back in the careers centre again updating their social media.

And after reading the first paragraph I got up and did a dance and wondered about the first floor of my house in excitement. I ran into my dad who told me I needed to read the whole email before I start commerating the moment with a dance routine (thanks for the level-headedness dad!). I did and the rest just told me the ins and outs of the hours and contracts, legal mumbo-jumbo.

I was pretty much always expecting to get this job back. They need a student to updates these profiles. And they had said they'd like to get me back.

So why was I so excited?

Flattered might be more to word. The first part of this email informed me that many of the other departments within Student Services were also keen to take me on to help me with their social media sites. Like, woah?!?! Blushing alert! It's always great news to know your job application was successful. But not even having to do a job application anyway because they sought out you? That's pretty bewildering.

I am so extremely grateful for this opportunity. Getting that job back in January was amazing and to know that it's expanding and creating new opportunities for me is amazing news. This job has been the highlight of my year and something that I'll always hold dear for helping me find my path in life.  Life was pretty bad when I got my hands on the job advert and I was still struggling to face the world when I applied. But this job application perked me up and it was one of those "you can do this" moments. Getting that job after some horrible exhruitating months of homelessness and heartbreak gave me something to get excited about. A project. Something to be proud of.

I will never forget this opportunity. The starting point of me working out what I wanted to do and the end of a horrible chapter of my life.

Words cannot describe my gratitude.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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