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That Time I Got a Smear Test

Just last Friday I was talking about monthly blood loss and contraceptive choices and today I'm posting about checking your vag for nasty cells. Stop talking about your vagina and give me some pictures of you in your new frock already! 

But this is important. 

Company magazine have recently launched a Love Your Vag champaign with its roots laying in getting you to go to nurse, lie back, put your legs up and have a cotton bud swished about your cervix (also known as a smear test). 

That was probably a horrible description and far from the reality but I think that's the image most girls seem to have of the dreaded smear test monster!

Can you just finish off now and stop giving me bad mental images?
I will stop right after I give you my personal story of my first smear test. I got mine back in early 2011 after receiving my invitation. I was nervous about it, no lie. When calling to arrange my appointment I muttered and stumbled my words so that the receptionist had to ask again what I wanted! The day of the test I was nervous as well, neatly trimmed (yes, I am now talking about pubic hair!) and creaked the door round slowly and peered in. The nurse just laughed, as this behaviour was all completely natural. 

After a small pep talk (is this your first? blah blah) I was pointed to the bed and curtain where I privately took off the bottom half of my clothing (my invitation had stated to wear two pieces, not a full dress - or playsuit!) and placed a disposable sheet across me. The sheet was what helped make the whole process less awkward as it made me feel a hell of a lot less naked!

After declaring I was ready the nurse came back into the area. Having been calmed by less nakedness than I had expected I was still a tad nervous. There was this plastic thing to hold my cervix open! There were cotton buds! Lube! This was the first time I'd be touched "down there" in a non-sexual way since circa 1993! Tres anxious indeed! 

But it was simple after that. Was it sore? No. Uncomfortable? Yes. But it was over quickly. And I was out the door after being told my results would be through in  month. 

And that was that. 

I don't think I need to be yet another voice nagging at you to book yours now! But I probably should be as so many women aren't listening! My anecdote was to insure you that it is not nearly as embarrassing as it is made out to be. Vaginas are vaginas and nurses have seen them before. Just like any other body part your vagina needs looking after - and it's quite an important body part when you think of what it's used for!

Have fun getting smeared! 

Morag x

If you want help with the Company Love Your Vag campaign they have a Facebook page and also a hashtag #loveyourvag (though nothing is yet posted using it! Boo!). 
morag | mo adore
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