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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Sunday Reflections 9

What I've Been Buying:

Floral dress by  Tokiyo (bough at TK Maxx)

Mesh hat by Billy Bag London

Bright yellow frying pan by Spring Lifestyle and mini-frying pan and mini-saucepan by Chefology (I cannot find any official sites though they were bought from TK Maxx)

Within the few hours before this post was written me and my mum made a dash to TK Maxx (whilst on a practice driving lesson) so she could pick out an evening dress for that over-indulgent cruise my parents are away on come September. Obviously seeing this as an excuse for some of my own shopping, I scouted out the hat section to fulfil my current fashion want of owning more hats!  The floral dress was picked out by my mum and believe me it looks a lot better on the body than on the hanger - though I think it may need a thin brown belt in order for it to sit properly. 

And the colourful cookware? Well, that was just a bit of a whim, really. Promise! It's not like the cookware section is the first place I scout out in these shops! But who wouldn't smile first thing in the morning if they got to fry their eggs in a pan coloured like sunshine? That's my theory though. 

What I've Been Listening To:

What I am honestly listening to as I type this blog post. And impressing people with my knowledge of 90's pop culture.

On a slightly more respectable note: what my favourite song is right now 

What I've Been Playing:
007: Quatum of Solace PC Game

Please note: this is not me playing the game! You don't even want to see me gaming - you'll only laugh, as will I. I'll also maybe stop it with the PC talk soon. Probably 'cause when I go back to university I won't have time to play games. While this blog may be non-niche I realise that gaming just isn't sitting correctly amongst the floral dresses and posts about period pains. Though a gaming/technology blog itself would just result in comments along the lines of "you suckkk!1 You make girl gamersss loookk baddd! kthandie!"

Hope you've had a lovely week! Next week should be exciting for me with almost the whole time off and a trip to Dare ProtoPlay (I know I'm now giving of the impression that I live in my mother's basement and kill people, but I don't) and moving into my new flat!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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