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In Which I Talk About My Monthly Blood Loss

Periods were never a topic I thought I'd talk about when I started this blog. I imagined myself going down the root of inspiration, self-love and fashion. But as this has developed into a slightly non-niche blog I thought the topic might fit snugly. Gala Darling's first blog entry after her wedding was about the topic of how to make your period suck less which like a lot of period articles had me rolling my eyes.

Yes, periods suck. You have cramps, you get emotional, and you may possibly go to the toilet more. I used to certainly get them bad. Up all night with a hot water bottle which then led me to sweat. Paranoia about leakings. Faintness. And on top of that there's blood. And I had a fair bit of it.

Notice the past tense?

You want to know my miracle cure? The contraceptive pill. And I couldn't recommend it more.

I use Microgynon 30 and have had nothing but pleasant come and go periods since. Okay that's maybe a bit of an exaggeration. I still get slight pains in my lower abdominals and I certainly have to go to the ladies room more often.

I originally went on the pill to prevent me from getting a rounded stomach and throwing up in the morning. And obviously if you are sexual active in anyway you should be using some form of internal contraception (we'll save the condoms-only rant for another day). The painless period were just a lovely side effect.

I know everybody's bodies are different and this may not be true for everyone but it certainly has rung true for me. So next time you're crouched over and crying over Hollyoaks consider that little pill that prevents you from releasing an egg every month.

I don't plan to come off it until I'm earning at least £27,000 a year and actually understand children. I promise myself that.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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