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2011 So Far: July

Month in Review is the part of the month where I sit down and reflect on those pesky resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. I'm a big believe in resolutions and also a big believer in sharing them as a tool to keep them up!

As I roughly mentioned last time (and by last time I mean April) my resolutions now feel somewhat obsolete. My sleeping pattern is doing fine, I'm now happy being single and I'm taking blogging somewhat seriously again. But what about those Summer plans I made at the beginning of June? How are they getting along? Let's find out!

Let's just say badly. Or as I like to call it 'real life getting in the way'.

The only things that are going well are experimenting with vlogging and testing out my parents DLSR. And by going well I mean taking loads of pictures and videos but uploading very few online. And by very few I mean the photos you see on this blog and the one video about a watering can I uploaded on Youtube. Though plus points for creating a new YouTube account for my new videos? Maybe?

Real life really has got in the way, from not having as much money as I'd like, to working a lot of hours in order to gain some money. 

And another reason? Priorities changing. I think joining Google+ has reminded me of my true passion in life: social media. And that led to me to decide that other things were more important to me personally. And what are these new goals, let's review. 

Make my own blogger template
Very much in the works. All basic coding has been done and next I am to work on my graphical skillz so it's all picturesque. Then some final tweaks!

A blog overhaul
Again in the works. Aside from it's own theme my blog will also be getting some pages! I know how revolutionary! About and categories and links out, oh the excitement! Also I will be sorting out my categories and even making images for my regular feature such as Month in Review and How I Looked. I've also been writing drafts behind the scenes which will be getting churned out for more regular posting and more varied content!

Other social media plans
Obviously once the blog has been overhauled then it will make sense to match my twitter to it. And I'm also planning to sit down on a date with Tumblr and create a template there too!

My professional blog 
You know, to talk about professional things. And professional things in my world are Facebook and Twitter not merges and acquisitions like many other business studentsNothing practical has been done for this yet aside from some scribblings but by the time I graduate/start applying for graduate jobs I should have two full working blogs. Hopefully with the times to keep these up.

Exciting but busy times lay ahead!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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