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Things I Love Thursday #13

The Beautiful Sunshine!
I am an absolute sunny bunny who cannot stand winter (to the point that one of my life goals is to move somewhere where I can permanently lay in the sun) so I am majorly loving the heat! Yesterday I was 'working' in my back garden with a rug and umbrella (pale and proud!). Sunshine plus social media is an excellent combination in my book!

Finally Installing Ubuntu!
I've been saying I would do this for years and yesterday I finally did! In the past few weeks I had been seriously contemplating switching and weighing up the co's and prons when I woke up on Monday to find my PC had crashed. Despite losing some pictures and videos that I was yet to edit I took it as a sign to FINALLY DO IT! I'm now much nearer my ideal PC set up (which btw is an Ubuntu PC, Macbook and Samsung tablet!).

Finally wearing something someone else said you never would!
And by this I am referring to the dress in yesterday's How I Looked Post. Finally have the confidence to wear it! I knew I was holding on to it for some reason!

Finding something vegetarian to eat at a restaurant
If you're vegetarian like me than being invited out for lunch or dinner can be a bit of nightmare. What if there is nothing to suit your lifestyle or ethical code? Luckily the garden centre me and my dad took my grandmother to had some lovely mini cheese and onion quiches! If you're ever cooking for me onions go down VERY well. ;)

Finding some new online hangouts!
I used to be very into message boards when I was younger but for some reason grew out of them. However I have been making my way into the online community again by posting on yesandyesVeracityMB and Snark Forums which all seem like lovely places so far!

Hope you have loads to be grateful for this week! I cannot stress how much sitting down and writing a list of the good things in your life has on your overall mental health!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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