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Things I Love Thursday #12

Feeling the fear! By which I mean booking my practical driving test. It will be in early September sometime but I don't like revealing exact dates (I rarely tell people about job interviews - most people only find out once I have the job). I think it's because I want to avoid having to answer "no" to the "So, did you pass?" questions. But it's booked and now I have a date to work towards.

My first #FF, favourites tweets and much more generally Twitter activity! I've have been using my Twitter so much more recently and now feel as if I am getting more out of it. And something that rang home a bit was 'making friends online is similar to offline' as in sometimes you need to talk first! If you reply to more tweets more of yours will probably be replied to as well! If I see a Tweet I know I can add to I will now do so, as before I was always hesitant to. 

A pay rise! My last paycheck was higher than anticipated because I had gotten an unnoticed payrise. I am now on par with the bar staff (I'm waitress) not because I do bar but because I am actually older than most of those on the bar. 

My clearing skin! The natural tea tree and cucumber soap I bought at the market has had a positive difference in my skin. I've always liked tea tree but I remember one time my skin appeared to have got used to it! I really hoping that doesn't happening and hoping even more that I have found more perfect skin routine. 

My growing hair! Last summer I had to cut my hair short due to messing up my own hair cut (yes, I cut my own hair). Granted I did suit shorter hair but I just didn't like it; I missed the impact of long hair. And today's DailyBooth picture I'm wowing at it being almost past my breasts! The length I want is just past the breasts so after it's that length I just have to maintain it.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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