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Sunday Reflections 7

For anyone new to Mo'Adore, Sunday Reflections is where I go back through my week and share pictures and snippets that may have been missed. Here I includes music I love, films, what I bought, some links that I've been clicking on plus some veggie and cupcake goodness. 

Wearing a school girl vest from Quiz.

What I've Been Buying
Mini-grater by Zeal and small star-shaped cupcake tin by Sterling Furniture

After taking me out for a practice driving session me and my mum popped into Stirling furniture and in my natural child-like way I headed straight to the baking section (and within the baking section itself the bright coloured kids section!). I immediately picked up the Mini Box Grater for grating chocolate onto cupcakes instead of having to buy pre-grated jars (it's economical you see, that's what I tell myself anyway). Then after some pondering over dinosaur cookie cutter, egg poachers, icing bags and mini-casserole dishes from the Colour Works range I decided to picked out an own-brand star-shaped baking try. The picture probably does show how small the dish is but I'd like to add that one cake would only be enough for one person and it might have been better to buy a few so I could make a batch of them!

What I've Been Eating
Coconut Chunks from ASDA

When it comes to food there's not many flavours I love more than coconut. And there's not many diets or lifestyle choices I love more than rawness. But these? Wasn't feeling it. Coconut by itself is pretty dry but still seems to have a fruit like texture to it. Pretty weird. I'll leave these to my parents!

What I've Been Wearing (& Making!)
 Excuse the blatant hipster-ness of this photo...

I stayed inside on Monday night and made myself my very own G+ necklace. Very cool and hipster of me, I know! But anyway, I do genuinely love G+ and believe it will overtake Facebook, not straight away, but will eventually. And here to show it is my very own G+ logo necklace made from Shrinklable plastic sheets. 

  One of these days I'll just make a pendant that says 'hipster'

These were my first necklace attempts however I didn't realise just how much the plastic shrinks in the oven. Now when I look at these I reckon they would make much better badges, which in an accessorie I've been wanting to get back into but despite buying more I struggle to fit them into my outfits. Any ideas as to how? 

Other things that have happened

I parked a car! Albeit in a very empty large carpark from 10 metres away. But I parked! Now just to do it whilst there's other people and cars going about. 

And finally some link love:

I've been quite a frequent poster on some message boards recently, mainly the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Message BoardVeracity MB and Snark Forums all which have there own unique feel. I was a complete message board 'whore' growing up and it's where I made most of my original online friends.

What have you all been up to this week?

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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