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Sunday Reflections 5

What I've been playing with ALL DAY! The PC not the bears.

I wasn't working today (yay for two days off in row) and was planning to spend all day working on my blog's template. But alas when I switched on my PC this morning: zilch! Nothing. Ahh the same thing that happened last summer.  Luckily this time round I knew better and the majority of my files were saved elsewhere: either another computer or online (yay for Google Docs). Everything's okay now and I'm just downloading all my essential programmes. 

But it's been yet another busy week in the life of Morag. I booked my practical driving test on Wednesday and is set for early September. But as I said in this week's Things I Love Thursday I am hesitant to reveal the exact date. If after early September you don't hear that I've passed assume that I've failed. I'm now learning how to reverse and perform three point turns and after that's done it should just be practice practice practice!

Gillian was back up this week so I went down to hers on Wednesday to have a wee catch up! We talked annoying customers, Google Plus and how we respect other people's online privacy when we blog. I had to leave for work only to arrive and be informed that the golf course had been closed due to the weather! 

What I've Been Buying
Very techy this week! I'm getting a lot closer to deciding on which phone I want. I was very much settled on the HTC Sensation but thanks to the Sparks feature on Google+ I discovered the HTC EVO 3D which should be available in the UK this month (I've signed up for alerts on Vodafone already). I can see that the 3D is a gimmick but if it's near enough the same price as the Sensation then I'll go ahead and get it and annoy everyone by insisting on 3D photos (I annoy everyone enough right now with stopping to take 2D memories every five minutes). 

Did anyone notice the Steam Summer Camp Sale? I was thankfully alerted to it by Brian, who is a REAL gamer, not like me who doesn't even notice large sales. I go through stages of gaming and then non-gaming for a while though these last few months I've found myself craving games and even invited myself round to Andy's to steal his Xbox for a few hours (though everyone in the room was more interested in the Kinect). I have been wanting to play Portal 2 for a while having liked the first one which I played back in 08/09. Though I ended up walking away with the Valve Complete Pack. That should keep me going for a while! I am tempted to get the Grand Theft Auto's even though I wouldn't touch them for months - should I?

What I've Been Eating

Midouri Cupcakes! I made them using some pre-made mix from a shop and instead of mixing water in I put the green stuff straight in! The batter didn't taste too different in all honesty but the icing was heavenly! Though do treat it as if you were drinking alcohol itself -  ended up feeling a bit tipsy! I also attempted vlogging during this and this one may eventually make it online! 

What I've Been Listening To

Lots and lots of this!

What I've Been Clicking On
I discovered a blog sharing site called which I think I might prefer to bloglovin due to it's community feel (though I'll admit Blogloving has more aesthetic appeal). I also deactivated my Facebook but after their announcement of new chat features I felt compelled to check it out - but didn't feel impressed. Despite my Google+ fan-girl status I have to admit that Facebook still has a purpose and will in no way die-down soon. Plus, G+ is still in beta so it's incomplete and until all major issues have been dealt with Facebook will champion. And off the record, does anyone else think Zuckerberg is hot?

So good week?
Very much so again. I feel very giddy right now as I feel I am making small changes in my life that are maybe invisible to everyone else, but I feel I am becoming closer to the person I always wanted to be. My understanding of myself has increased in the past few months and I think 2011 will go down as the year of self-discovery and reinvention!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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