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Sunday Reflections 4

My hair after being taken down from its topknot.

Feeling really tired after work again. I started this feature once the semester ended thinking I'd have more time but then I get stuck with the 12-7pm shift every Sunday. We only have four waitresses at work so that's not much to split it between. I keep reminded myself of everything I want to buy this summer to get me through a near enough full time waitressing job. 

But this week has been important!
As mentioned in this week's TiLT I passed my theory test on Thursday, which I am really pleased with and has freed up some time for me! I also met up with my now-landlord to sign the lease on my new flat. And exciting news (for me at least) I get to live in this one alone! Yes, no more fretting about bills being paid, other people's mess and being woken up! I have had a hellish past with flatmates (which resulted in 3 weeks of homelessness at one point!) and I cannot wait to have my own space. Many people looked shocked when I say I'm gonna live by myself and some even ask me if I'll be okay! 

What I've Been Eating.
Fennel! Which I didn't even like that much in the end. I didn't have it mixed in with anything so that may have it? I love onions but obviously an onion is too strong to just eat by itself. Maybe fennel is the same - anyone know?

 What I've Been Buying
Having been in town twice this week for other reasons (lease signing and theory testing) I got the chance to look around the shops. In New Look I bought a khaki playsuit/dungarees (is there a proper name for dungarees that aren't full length?) but can't do a proper outfit post until I work out which one of my tops can be worn underneath (this cannot be worn itself!). I also bought a new nail shade. I love nailpolish but it's not my most important priority financially so I tend to pick them up now and again. I've been wanting a shade like this for ages now but spent some time deciding between that, grey, mint green and white. I'm yet to try it but I'm sure I will blog about it when I do. 

What I've Been Clicking On 
Google+ of course! I was lucky enough to get an invite from Donna through the walkround. So far it's looking promising but I still shudder at the thought of non-internet savvy people taking over it. You know, teenage photographers and mothers who don't understand that only they think the world revolves around their kid.  The interface is clean and its easy to use and I love the circles concept! My internet's been pretty temperamental this week so I've not been checking out many blogs. 

I hope you had a good week as well!

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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