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Down the market: natural beauty products and my newest vegetable

Is anyone else a lover of market stalls? Anyone prefer them to actual shops?

I do!

I still love the Co-op's and Lush's of this world however I love the uniqueness and atmosphere of a street market. It was a coincidence that I ended up in the city centre of Aberdeen today on the same day as the Aberdeen International Street Market but I'm glad I did. Fresh food, jewellery that no one else is likely to own and handmade soaps! Lovely!

Some natural soaps I picked up

One of my New Year's resolutions was to slowly replace my beauty products with natural ones. However with Lush being so expensive and me being a student I struggled to achieve this goal. After forgetting to go to Lush today to get the new Teeth tabs I luckily stumbled upon a stall selling soaps, bath salts, bath fizzies and other such goodness. I spent a while debilitating over the various goodies and picked up these three gems (3 for £5 which, compared to Lush, is an absolute bargain!). Unfortunetly I didn't get the name of the stall encase they had an online store and I also didn't get the names of the products :( I remember that the green bar was Tea Tree and Cucumber and predictably is for troubled skin. The yellow bar is another soap bar and I remember it catching my eye because the description mentioned "deodorising"; originally I was looking for something zesty to wake me up in the morning ^_^ The blue one is a shampoo bar and this is my first experience using one. This one definitely has Generanium though I cannot remember the other ingredients. I was originally debating between the bar for normal hair and the one for greasy hair but was told this one would be good because it balances out the hair upon telling the seller that only my roots are greasy. Expect a review within the next few weeks!

My newest edition to my jewellery collection

Another stall that caught my eye was a French owned jewellery one. I haven't owned a watch since I was 17 and I've been thinking I should pick one up (even though I always use my phone anyway). There were a few charm bracelets with a small dainty watch and I decided this one was my fav. Sorry for the lack of detail; I'm still yet to properly sit down with the DLSR and go through it's settings. It jingle's a lot and it reminds me of my style at 13 which included a lot of bracelets :D

Taking pictures of my newest vegetable if it were my newborn

I also went past the fresh fruit stall an phoned my dad asking if he wanted anything fresh. Upon hearing "use your own judgement" I naturally chose the food that we never have in the house (most people like to go with what they know, myself on the other hand, am quite the opposite). ^_^ I was told Fennel is good in soups and with fish and being the vegetarian that I am it looks like I'll be making some soup soon!

Does anyone else like markets or are you into the store names?

Morag x

P.S. I also bought new dungarees so my How I Looked posts should be making a comeback. Yay for earning money again!

morag | mo adore
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