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Things I Love Thursday #9

On Monday night I managed to get myself a bit upset because I came across a great internship opportunity which I couldn't go for because it would mean leaving a job I only just got back to and wasting the money my parents have given me for driving lessons. It was in Hull (new places always get me excited) and was with a smaller start-up company in advertising which is almost just what I'm looking for! So gutted, slightly. However there will be other opportunities and I already have a fair bit under my belt in comparison to some other people my age. But because of this I think I need to dig into my gratefulness this week to put a smile firmly back on my face. 

Social Innovation Camp 2011 - I've spoken about this before but it's finally starting 7pm tomorrow night. I'm not entirely sure what the weekend will be composed of but it should be a great opportunity nonetheless. The gist of it is that I'll be helping to build up a small social enterprise within the space of a weekend. This is the main thing to be grateful for in face of no internship as "I helped set up a  small business before I was even 21" is one hell of CV line!

Seeing old friends - Gillian was my best friend from high school and whilst we still know roughly what is going on in each other's lives we haven't made as much of an effort to stay in contact as we could have. Though I believe that is changing. I took a trip to Edinburgh to see her last month and now I'll be crashing at her flat for SI Camp. I'm also going to be staying an extra night after the event to spend some time with her. She's probably the strongest influence I have had to date and I don't think I'd be the person I am today if I hadn't had her friendship (she introduced me to the internet - 'nuff said!). 

Getting  along with new people - There were quite a lot of new faces at my work this week from last summer and safe to say I got along with them all. Since I grew up very shy and found it difficult to relate to everyone (by my own admission) it's always lovely when I click with new people. 

Getting tattoo designs underway - I've been wanting to get a tattoo for some time and have had a design in my head for almost a year now. I've now consulted two of my most creative friends for some ideas hopping so hopefully before the end of this year I should be inked! My first original idea is a straight line down my tricep - and I am settling on it being the Roald Dahl quote "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it", though possibly in a different language. Another idea that has come about has been to get a reminder to myself that I am a Scorpio and should not be afraid of anything (when nervous I like to tell myself that I am a bad-ass Scorpio and to get myself out there!). This will probably be a mixture of the Scorpio symbol and some of the characteristics beside it in a script type font. The third idea I have (which will probably be my first tattoo) is big Lily's with a horseshoe hanging off them on a chain - this sound okay in my head but I'm yet to scrawl it down on paper! This will probably be on my side just below the arm and almost curving my breast (o'er!) meaning it will be hidden which I think is best for a first tattoo (meaning: if I immediately go "OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?" very few people will ever have to know it's there ;)

Blog comments - As a fairly new blogger (well, since the New Year but it's only since the start of summer that I've began channelling much more effort into it!) it's really exciting to see at least one comment on every post you do! So so so grateful to everyone who has commented here and the whole 10 (!!!) people that follow me! I was also looking through the archives of LLYMLRS the past week and discovered that even she was once upon a time averaging about 3 comments a post back in 2009!

I hope you have lots to be grateful about this week! 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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