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Things I Love Thursday #8

Finally starting driving lessons (and driving not being as hard as I had thought) I'm grateful that this part of my life is coming together. I had always said that I wanted to drive when I turned 17 however back then I did not have a job (something I actually regret leaving until I was 18 and a half) and my parents had always said I would have to pay for it myself. My parents have now agreed to pay for it because I'll be graduating next year and not knowing how to drive could effect where I could travel for work. A block of ten lessons is close to the same amount I earn doing about 15 hours a week waitressing - I could never afford that myself. I remember back when I was 17 some classmates would preach "you should learn early - I'm learning now. Why aren't you?" when the lessons weren't coming out their own pocket. Great that your parents are offering you that, and you can't help that, but some of us didn't have that luxury. My parents stance was that I didn't need to know how to drive when I was 17 with everyone living so close by, but now that I'm entering the real work force it would be beneficial.

 If this doesn't give away my graduation present I have no what will - courtesy of

Possibly the greatest graduation present ever! My mum takes early retirement roughly the same time I finish my university life. With the lump sum she'll be getting she'll be jetting off to Zambia to do voluntary work (she works in old age psychiatry/community health so is looking to do something along these lines). As my mum has a large group of relatives in Australia she was also entertaining the idea of me, her and my dad going out to see them (for me personally it would be meet some of these blood relatives) but this would be in our winter (their summer) and I have no idea where I'll be come the end of 2012. So the recent idea that has been derived has been: a trip to Zambia to see my mum where me and my dad also take a de-tour around South Africa. The highlight of this could be (encase the photo didn't give it away) fulfilling my life dream of diving with Great Whites! Yes, really. Scary as it is (my life will probably flash before my eyes) I think after that day I could die happy. Fingers crossed it happens.

Finally eating well again. In my last view months in Dundee I ran really low on funds and being the stubborn person that I am I didn't ask my parents or friends for much help. I was living off toast and plain pasta (still being grateful that this is more than some people live off of) which was taking its toll on me (I've noticed a direct correlation with me when it comes to what I eat and how happy I feel). I'm home now for the summer and I am eating so much better and feeling a lot better.

I hope you've got lovely things to be grateful about this week.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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