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Things I Love Thursday #11

Well chaps it has been one hell of a busy Thursday! But a great Thursday at that as I am now half way to becoming a qualified driver! Yes, I passed my theory test! That thing I had been cramming for all last week (and the week before) has now been put behind me so I can start working on new projects (like a new blog design! and jewellery making!). 

So without further ado - why has this Thursday been great and why am I so chirpy?

I live in a country where I can get free education. I felt really nervous about this exam, more so than university level ones, due to the fact that it was money out of my family's pocket that, if I had failed, would have went to waste. Thankfully I passed and it made me really grateful that I live and study in a country where tuition fees are paid for me. I've always got annoyed when students who get minimum cover for living expenses complain as they should be grateful they don't pay thousands for the degree itself! Although some Scottish students in the future may not be so lucky. 

Being contacted for a project because I was recommended. I was exploring LinkedIn last night and decided to request to join the Graduate Association of my university (I was actually researching on behalf on my former employer encase I get my job back). But after coming home from my test I discovered a new message in my Inbox from the women who looks after that area of my university asking for my advice on their presence within social media based upon the fact that my former employer left me a LinkedIn recommendation! SCORE! 

Managing to outscore some LinkedIn cynics! I just got an opportunity through LinkedIn! ^_^

Today I also found @FirstWorldPains which tweets about problems only people in developed countries will experience. Funny but eye-opening nonetheless. They also have a Facebook

Morag x 
morag | mo adore
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