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Things I Love Thursday #10

Very sorry for not blogging between today and last Thursday (I aim to do TiLT, Sunday Reflections & one more piece each week). This was because I was very very very busy but also means loads of things to be grateful for! 

Let's get started then!

Being put out of my depth! Which despite being terrifying is also very rewarding! I attended Social Innovation camp across last weekend and was the youngest and least experienced by a far bit. I found out about this event by accident when the founder came to my university to speak about the call for ideas and attended simply because I seen 'social media' within the description! I went along and walked away feeling I had had some good discussions and so submitted an idea. My idea did not get through however I was invited along to work on Volunteer Impact. The first day I was terrified and was wondering what I was contributing being so out of my depth. However the second day I flourished a bit more as I was the 'star' of our user story and was one of the four team members who presented our development of the idea. I have looked around YouTube and Vimeo for videos of the presentation (there were professionals around us all week) but nothing has been added yet. I also got to schmooze with people who had jobs that appeal to me - I met the girl who looks after the Facebook for Edinburgh City Council and we had a chat about how we manage the profiles we had been assigned, our pet peeves on Facebook and convincing people that every organisation should have a page.

Finally getting more work hours! For the first month of being back at work everything was very slow with me not clocking up many shifts. However on my final day in Edinburgh I got a call which resulted in me getting most of the hours and in two days I've done 14 hours :) It's going to be hard work and I'm not going to have much time to blog but I'm just thinking of clearing my overdraft.

Getting paid more than I had anticipated! As I said already I didn't get much shifts throughout June however I was pleasantly surprised to find a pay slip yesterday that had more than I had anticipated written on it.

Designing my new layout! The first two layouts I made for this blog were very quick as I'd rather have a unique layout than a pre-made one (stubbornness, I know!). But I've taken the code of an old layout I made for a freewebs blog I had a few years ago which never got published. I'm putting it together on my old blog if you want to view the work in progress.But I'm very excited about having a layout which is 1) my own and 2) had thought put into it.

More creative ideas coming to me! I feel like I've been a lot more creative recently as a whole. From ideas for fancy dress parties (Pokemon party! 80's party! Jesus Party!) to designing my own jewellery. I even came up with a tutu type pinafore idea today.

What's been making you feel happy this week?

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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