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Sunday Reflections 3

Looking oh-so-glamorous after a seven hour shift

This week, much like last week, has been about work. I only had two days off this week which were Monday (coming home from Edinburgh) and Thursday (in which I put together things I love Thursday). Though my wages for this week in total came to £200+ and if this caries on I should be able clear my overdraft and have some left over after next pay day!

Where I've Been Driving
I managed to fit in one driving lesson this week where I was taken around where I used to live so that was nostalgic and a half! Everything looked so much smaller but that's probably because I was four foot when I left that area. I also spoke to a guy at work and he told me his test was around this area as well. Aside from that I have been cramming for my theory test which is this coming Thursday. I am off work next week until Saturday so will spend it cramming like hell. I've been practising with the official Driving Standards Agency test practice kit which is supposed to have every question I could be asked until January. Here's hoping I remember them all. 

What I've Been Eating
Because I work in a restaurant it means there's so much food around me and I'm also tempted to munch on things I would never buy for myself. Fizzy juice, crisps and meat are all the rage at work. Can't get away from it! I do hold back for the most part but I'd rather eat that stuff than starve. It's a golf club and it's very much a buys club so the menu is very much catered to men who think lettuce, coleslaw and even peas are "rabbit food".

My mum did however bring home some cookbook from a work friend which have loads of healthy, vegetarian dishes in them. My mum bought me the ingredients for a leak and cottage cheese pie which will be my parents and mine tea some point this week! I also got the ingredients to make my own baked beans! None of this pre-prepared tinned nonesense! I'm also planning to look into making home made mayonaisse to compliment my raw dietness!

What I've Been Listening To
I've recently been re-listening to Gala Darling's Love & Sequins podcast and as luck would have it she's having a weekend sale! I can't recommend them enough. If I hadn't discovered Gala Darling I wouldn't have the same optimistic attitude I have today! 

What I've been clicking on
I've discovered a few new sweet blogs this week: D is for dangerousstyle fashion vintage babySunshine and carouselsThe Little Antlers (new fashion icon alert!) and Musings of a Caribbean Princess which has loads of Filofax advice ^_^

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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