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Sunday Reflections 2

Pictures that I took of my face are either on my PC or my parents so here is how my nails looked this week

This may be a quick one as I've been working most of today and was only going to check my Facebook/Twitter/e-mails before remembering about my new series of blog posts. 

This week may not differ too wildly from my last as my life is becoming very about money, work and driving lessons. I had my second driving lesson yesterday in which I was taken out onto real roads and allowed to drive home. The instructor was still giving me specific instructions and told me to ignore other traffic as at this point in my lessons he'd be looking out for me. It was still scary stuff nonetheless, however driving has turned out to be less terrifying than I had originally imagined. I also booked my theory test for the end of this month and today, while looking at the wall calender at work, put into perspective how close that date is! My DVLA practice theory test kit came yesterday as well and I plan to spend all tomorrow learning about road signs and practising my hazard perception abilities!

What I've Been Wearing
I've began to notice a distinct lack of outfit posts when I looked through my last few entries. This is partly due to hating most of my clothes and also a lack of money to buy new items. The weather also hasn't been particularly great so I've been forced to wear my stand-by jeans for rainy days. Aside from that it's been my work clothes which is a branded shirt and anything black that covers me professionally. 

What I've Been Buying
With a lack of money there has been a distinct lack of buying going on in the life of Morag. However with me starting my summer job again I'm the safe in the knowledge that this will not last forever so I have been compiling my summer wish list, which is essentially everything I didn't manage to buy last summer. This varies from decent make-up brushes, to hair crimpers, to PC parts! My PC has been out of sound for ages so a new sound card and speakers is needed ASAP as I can't get fully into vlogging until this is sorted out. I should be hearing back soon if I can get my job in careers back after the summer and if I get the thumbs up then I'm going to be looking into getting a phone that does fancy things like INTERNET and APPS for updating how you're feeling on the go! My current PAYG is great if you just want to call and text but I really want to move up in the world (and I feel a phone would be easier to film with in public as it's not so obvious what you're doing!). 

Spicy Peas with Pasta 

What I've Been Cooking
Above you can see my attempt at "Spicy Peas with Pasta" dish. It wasn't particularly spicy (even by my standards) as the spice was made from garlic and cayenne. I've been experimenting a lot with vegetarianism again and I think I may be ready to make the full switch. Most people, aside from my parents and those who read this blog, don't realise that in my home-life I've been living vegetarian since January. When I do my weekly shop it's all vegetarian and seafood is the only meat isle that I struggle to walk down without being tempted to pick something up. My meat-eating mum has been fairly supportive in buying me ingredients for vegetarian dishes though she has become quite protective with making sure I get plenty of protein ^_^. 

My marked sunflower planting spot!

What Else I've Been Doing
I also planted my sunflowers this week! Though I'm yet to see any growth from it. I took videos of me planting it as well and after I'm set up properly with a working PC then I'll put it all together - it's not for tutorial purposes as my gardening skills are, with a lack of politically correct terminology, crap!

What have you been up to this week?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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