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Sunday Reflections 1

I've been meaning to start a "Sunday Reflections" feature for some time. I now have more time to sit down and do it, however it now feels as if I'll have less to talk about as I am now home for the summer. We'll see how this goes. 

 First thing in the morning pic - B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Monday I had my last day at my most enjoyable job yet. However I found out that my direct boss and the other full-time employees in the department are going to try and persuade the head of department to bring me back after summer. He agreed to keep me on one extra month this semester so hopefully he'll agree to bring me back!

Later on I received an e-mail from Social Innovation Camp saying that my idea was not one of the six that was picked to develop into a real idea, but that they would still like me to attend as they felt I would be an "interesting voice". I should be speaking to him on the phone tomorrow so we'll see how it all goes :) I'm really contemplating trying to further my idea as a blog where users submit stories of their experiences from "deprived areas" (or even areas considered crime-free) to create a more realistic picture.

Tuesday I made my way back home for the summer. My friend Andy nicely took me in his own car. I did try vlogging on my way home but nothing too interesting happened and Andy isn't quite into all this Youtube/Twitter/Tumblr "nonsense" - quite content with his Facebook and university blog that one! 

Wednesday was a full day of organisation and relaxing. It felt really good to have a proper working PC again (had been living off my netbook for a fortnight) and to have a TV again! Really loving The Vampire Diaries right now.

Thursday I went to B&Q with my dad where I bought some sunflower seeds! I also wanted some pumpkin seeds but I would need a green house for that :( I did attempt another vlogg whilst there to get used to filming myself in public but it ended up a giggling mess!Also stopped in by ASDA where I bought some chives seeds that can be grown on a windowsill.

Friday I attempted my very first run! I started with running 20 seconds running then fast paced walking for another twenty seconds before starting again. Was a lot harder than I imagined plus I managed to get sunburn :( 

And later on this evening my dad officially booked me my very first driving lesson. My parents always told me that I would have to pay for them myself however they've seem to have had a change of heart. My theory is that they would only pay for them once I absolutely had to learn (I'm graduating next year and not being able to drive could hinder my job prospects) but secretly hoping I might pay prior to then. ;)

Saturday I headed out with my mum to Matalan to pick up some black stuff for work. I bought a black fitted (but still comfy) skirt and some long shorts, plus some tights. I would have loved more but unfortunately  my funds are low and I will need to wait until I start getting paid before I can purchase anything non-essential (I also need to do a much needed clear-out of my wardrobe). Afterwards I pleaded like a kid for my mum to take me to Cadonas (it was only just across the street) for an ice-cream. Unfortunately she didn't agree to going on any rides (apparently we'll go back on a sunny evening - I'm sceptical!). We then also headed to Stirling furniture where I picked up the cutest cookie cutter ever by kids cooking brand Miniamo!  Can't wait to see if it actually works. Then we finished off at the local school fair (a school I left almost 9 years ago!) where I received a "certificate" for my hole-in-one! Also purchased a driving lesson DVD and a vegetarian cookbook for real cheap! Was looking at some old school Sonic games however I found that the disc was really scratched!

All and all Saturday was a really good day!

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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