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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Summer Plans and To-Do's

Today is absolutely roaching - and I love it! Whilst I may be sweating I'd take a warm day where I might possible be sneezing with hayfever over a cold winter's day with snow up to my knees anytime.

However, despite preferring the weather, summer is my favourite time of year due to its endless possibilities of baking, crafting, exploring and purchasing! Being a student, summer is when I have much more time on my hands as essays and exams are behind me. I also go home to my parents during this time so have a much higher amount of disposable income! I also viewed this as the best time to do some self-improvements and resolutions! Being away from your peers and possibly main social circle allows time for self-evaluation & allows you to come back to them with a new look, attitude or CV additions!

To-do lists and summer plans ahead!

Make Future Fancy Dress Outfits.

For the last two years of my life I have wanted to dress up as Poison Ivy and Rogue from X-Men but never could because a lack of time (and sewing skills!) meant that for any superhereo night out I had I needed to buy a pre-prepared outfit. This summer I hope to get organised and create outfits and have them on stand-by (my friend has agreed to a Batman themed birthday so Poison Ivy will defo go ahead!).

Make an iPod cover

I've kept my iPod all safe and healthy for two and half years and it's about high time it got a proper sleeping place other than a pocket in whatever handbag I'm wearing that day. The design may fit the one closely displayed up there but with some minor tweeks (and not as neat, no doubt!).

Play with my parent's new DLSR

I've wanted a DLSR since I was seventeen and whilst I may still not own one myself this summer I have the opportunity to at least experiment with one. This means nicer outfit posts and possibly vlogs? Who knows?

Experiment in Vlogging

Please note, it is highly unlikely to get uploaded until I get the full hang of it. I tried a test run in B&Q with my dad to get used to talking to myself in public - and it was a giggling mess. How do people do it? I have ideas already and once I get the hang of it full-steam ahead! My videos will probabaly be a mix of daily activities, hauls and outfits (not Apple products).

Continue with my scrapbook project

Last summer I spent a large chunk of my time cutting out pictures, tips and wise words from old magazines and hopefully this summer I will be able to create something with that messy folder. My clippings range from recipes, make-up looks, make-up advice and general advice. Now I have to decided what to do with all of them and what format they should be presented in (scrapbook, pinboard, folder?).

Work on and maintain fitness

Between the dancing, the cheerleading and the occassional swimming I'm a pretty active person. However during the summer I like to try different exercises to work parts of my body that might have previously been ignored. Plus my summer work-outs are much more tailored to my body. I collect weight on my abs = more ab word, whilst I think toned arms are heaven-on-earth sexy =  more tricep work! Today I started it by going for a run for the first time since school. It was hard but running is one of the best cardio exercises out there! I've just started easy with breaks but should hopefully work up my endurance levels! Makes a break from my usual cycling summer routine!

Food, food and food

A summer project which runs from year to year is to practice my cooking! This year I'm going to aim to try more natural & healthy options - especially those in the snack area since I'll be living further from university than I did this year. Maybe some baking so I have ideas for parties and bake sales but not too much! Healthiness ftw!

What are your summer plans?

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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