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Careers Advice: Favourite Careers Sites

Last semester I worked in my university's career development centre updating the Facebook and Twitter. Whilst I am not a career advisor (and I am not a substitute for one) I do know enough information to be somewhat useful. Career building has also been a long time interest in mine (my Firefox history is filled with CV tips, career path advice and "Best Company To Work For in 2010" directories). I hope you find some of this series useful.

As we all love the internet (if you've managed to find this than I assume you do) I'm going to keep with the theme of the internet and roll through my list of favourite career related websites. If you're serious about graduate career hunting (in the UK) then I'll assume you've heard of Prospects, Real World Magazine, Inside Careers and Target Jobs plus the careers sections of some major news sites.

Freelance Students - I stumbled upon this on Twitter when a re-tweet from @emma_ld came up on my timeline. I haven't registered yet as I am not yet applying for graduate placement schemes (but it's on my summer to-do list!) but some of the jobs I have seen have been amazing!

Digitech Jobs - A jobs specifically aimed at those looking to get into the digital sector. And by digital sector it covers everything from digital marketing to analytics. Not just school techy guys.

Resume Resource - One day writing a resume should be easy and come naturally but when I first started putting together my early ones it was hard brain-searching work. With loads of templates you should find something to help you.

Graduate Job Feed - A site that collects graduate jobs from several graduate job sources making it easier to track the best ones down. Remember to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get reminders as you procrastinate.

Be My Interviewer - Before you get any job you need to get past the interview ;) Be My Interviewer let's you practice you're interview skills with some industry experts, some of which you'll have heard of. Maybe someone you want to work for will pop up? I know I wouldn't mind working under Jacqueline Gold.

Career Player - If reading about careers information so far has made your brain hurt, put your brain aside for a moment and watch some videos. A YouTube for careers you could say? Videos cover industry specific advice, to general tips and advice to employer profiles.

Probabaly the best career advice you will ever receive - From one of my favourite all time bloggers Sarah Von of is help for not feeling brilliant about not getting your dream job straight out of university. 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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