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Things I Love Thursday #7: My Perfect Day

This TiLT has a theme. Over a year ago I wrote a list of the elements which would make up my perfect day. And yesterday I think it may have come true. Maybe not completely true but enough so I went to bed with a smile.

First off I had a very productive day at work. As my job ends this months I began to tidy up loose ends and this included me being very busy with taking links posted on the Facebook wall and sorting them into various labelled notes (I really would fit in well with Virgos) and letting the HTML and CSS nerd in me come out as I designed a splash page - currently under construction. The amount of people who follow the Facebook carees page also went up by 10 people within this day (succeeding my target number of getting people to like the page). First thing to get ticked off - "a new Facebook friend, comment or tagged photo" even if it wasn't my personal account.  

Whilst at work I was also perusing blogs (so maybe not that productive) and came across uncultured critic, a film review blog, which impressed me enough to follow it. So "finding a new blog I like enough to subscribe to" was checked off.

After work I was due to meet my friend Andy. I've had a few little things come at me at once and needed some cheering up. He took me to the cinema for a film of my choice and I chose Attack the Block which was fantastic! I know a low-budge alien film doesn't sound great but it was hilarious and I think it was meant to be silly. Plus it showed some social commentary which is a long standing interest of mine. Ticked off  "experience something new and exciting" - a film counts as this :p

 Fun times in B&Q

We also went to Tesco because he wanted to look at the XBox Kinect, but not without a bypass to B&Q - which despite it's "dad" image ( in fact it reminded me of my dad) it is one of my favourite shops ever! It might not sell cupcakes or clothes but I love looking at the garden features and I started to play in the sheds. ^_^


Me posing in Arbroath

Afterwards we drove to the town of Arbroath but didn't stay long as the sun was beginning to set. However this was a beautiful town to watch the sun set in.  I probably have been to Arbroath at some point however I can't remember it being recently."Discovering a new place, even if it's just a coffee shop " - DONE!

I don't expect anyone to view this until the end - it's only to give an idea. Also excuse commentary.

Then we took a slight detour home in the dark. I love night time drives. I think one of the most beautiful sights is silhouettes against a fading twilight sky. We drove through a few of the small tiny villages that exist in this part of Scotland. Despite being a city girl through and through this was lovely to see and gave me a break from city life (which we all need sometimes). 

I have been recently feeling a bit regretful as I approach my final year as a student. I have been in Dundee for three years now and there's so much of Dundee I haven't seen! Granted, until I knew Andy nobody I knew owned a car but taxi's still exist.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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