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How I Looked 07.05.2011

 Black vest top: Primark
White jacket: Next (I've had since 2005!)
Skirt: Primark (2009)
Necklaces (3 together): from my childhood (the Dragonfly was definitely from Majorca 2004!)
Three quarter leggings (not seen): Primark
Shoes (not seen): I'll assume Converse

This is what I wore two days ago for yet another library session! Anyone notice a theme? The black top with that skirt is a fairly regular look of mine that has been going about in my day-to-day life for some time. But the white jacket was only something I recently discovered looks okay over it. I have a love/hate relationship with that happening - when you discover that two items you own look good together having owned them for years! On one hand it's great that you have a new outfit but on the other hand it can be annoying thinking that you could've been wearing them together all this time! 

As this is my most recent outfit photo hopefully I'll start posting recent ones from now on and not "this is what I wore a week ago". I'm also going to try standing on the other side of the room so the sunlight hits me directly and not coming closer to the camera to get necklace photos but instead zoom up on them afterwards (notice how my necklace close-up is bigger than my full body shots? I hope this will sort that). Always the perfectionist. 

Some people may think this is odd for me to mention this but as a self-esteem and self-love aficionado of the Gala Darling generation I want to admit that the last photo is airbrushed. My skin was looking really blotchy that day and I wanted to even it out. My skin is still make-up free.

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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