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Finding Memories As I Move Out

Today my mum is coming to my flat to take some belongings back to my parent's house before I move back up there after I completely finish third year (which I have, I just have a job and a few leaving parties to attend) at the end of this month.

Going through all my stuff I've found some great memories, some I had slightly forgotten about. I've done a lot this year and I think the knick-knacks I've collected show that.

 This is my main collection where I've been pinning tickets, leaflets, wrist bands and, uh, pants from certain events I've attended or things I took part in.

Back in February I did a charity hitch-hike (also known as a Jailbreak) and my team wore very sexy tiger onsies from Primark. These bad boys went from Dundee to Leeds (by train the whole way) within a weekend for free! The t-shirt was from a night out I had after a bad break-up in October. I met said friend the very same night I found out I had been left for someone and we later that week got these made. Mine said "cheerleader" on the back because whilst talking about dancing and cheerleading I came out with "Wait,  I'm a cheerleader, what the hell am I upset about?".

This is also a collection of other memories from charity events. I hosted an event, for a children's charity, called Night of Nostalgia. It wasn't a roaring success but still a worthwhile experience nonetheless. The fairy wings were from promoting the event, and we bypassed Tesco in them. ^_^. The Crayola crayon outfit in the background was what I wore to the event (the theme was anything from your childhood) and the Twister and the Girl Talk were games that were played at the event. The balloon is from another time when I was with a friend outside Tesco and it appeared in the sky from nowhere. I called it to "come down to me" and it did!

And here is my alcohol memories from the year. I drank more than this within this year but these carry memories for me. The Midouri is one of the many bottles my friend bought me after my break-up in October to cheer me up :) The Montana is a sparkling wine which my friend bought me for my birthday which I drank at a belated New Year's Eve Party. The other big bottle is Russian vodka which I bought for the Eurovision Party last week. And the Flugel is from a night out just three nights after my break-up which involved farrr too much alcohol (ways to get over a break-up: remind yourself that being a cheerleader makes you automatically awesome, design a t-shirt with boy hating/girl empowering slogans and drink until you pass out!).

All and all my best university year yet. I threw myself into a lot more and I'm glad I did. Maybe some bad things happened (i.e. homelessness, a big fall out with a friend and losing a boyfriend) but I think it changed me for the best and I truly believe that I am happier now than I was at the end of second year. 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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