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When is Someone Officially Off The Market?

As in when you can you officially tell another man to get their hands off your girl? When is it no longer acceptable to flirt with a stranger? When is your jealousy called for?

The back story to this thought process came a few weeks ago when a male acquaintance told me that when he had first met in October he had been told "not to chat Morag up as there's something going on with [insert the name of male friend who I have never viewed as more than a friend]". And it got me thinking about this topic (and also on ways to control my temper). So maybe nothing had been going on with this friend (and for the record he did eventually admit to fancying me some months later) but what if something had been? Would it be fair for him to tell this guy not to chat me up?

In my opinion: no. My opinion has always stood this way. Others may differ and that's cool. The bottom line in relationships (and this sense cheating): no two couples are alike and it's them as a pair that make the rules. For me personally I'm free to do what I like until the official word and I don't like presenting myself as a couple with anyone unless we are (I was seeing someone in January and he took my hand as we walked around town together...I was petrified we'd see someone we knew). So for any potential suitors out there: unless my Facebook says I'm in a relationship then I'm not and you're free to offer me that drink.
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