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Things I Love Thursday #5

Wow a Things I Love Thursday post? I fell back on these in February due to Thursday being my bussiest weekday but I've jumped straight back on the bandwagon ;)

More exciting opportunities in social media
I love my job looking after my university's career development centre's Facebook and Twitter. Today I attended a presentation for Social Innovation Camp and it got my heart pumping! I'm not 100% sure if I'll run for it and I don't want to give too much away at this point, but it looks like their could be something exciting over the horizon.

Eating near enough raw again
Admittedly I fell off the raw bandwagon, especially after finding out that I had to regain weight after realising my weight loss had been a lot more significant that I had imagined. But I'm back and the only major non-raw things making into my diet are bread, spread and the odd energy drink (caffeine will be another day!).

Seeing my muscle definition reappear 
Looking back on my un-noticed weightloss I now believe it was due to my muscle mass disintegrating and turning back into fat. Thankfully I've notice some shape coming back into my arms & I should be back to my previous strength soon.

Being able to walk away
I've never been great at walking away from people I know I should though since my last relationship that ended in October - though it should have probably ended in June - I've had my final straw and realised from now on, if someone won't treat you with the respect you deserve or makes you feel bad about yourself, they ain't worth it! And I've managed to follow through with own advice very recently.

My new Tumblr
Yes, I am grateful for my newest tumblr blog, haha. When I first heard of Tumblr it was still used for posts that were too long for Twitter but too short for a full blog post - or at least that's what was happening at that time within the circle I was working in. When I joined last summer I was now more accustomed to the inspirational photos and thus my first blog centered around that. After seeing some more personal-ish ones crop up recently though I felt the urge to return to my orginal reason for noticing Tumblr. After discovering the fancy feature which allows me to have two blogs linked ot the same account, Mo'Adore @ tumblr was born :)

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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