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2011 So Far: March In Review

March already? I always feel this time of year flies in so quickly, yet every year I still sound surprised when the clocks finally go forward and I can finally leave the jacket at home (I much prefer summer fashion choices!). 

I know I've been missing in action for a while but I've had one of those months when I was stressed the first half and then hibernating the rest. Aside from informing you that I need to gain weight I've not explained how any of the things I had planned went. And by the tempo of this so far it did not go as well as I had hoped. 

The charity event I was planning did was not the roaring success I hoped it would be and there was not a large amount of money raised.  Thankfully (counting my blessings) I understand why it did not go to plan. I got a large group of people to brainstorm with and it ended up with a "too many cooks spoil the broth" type effect and I ended up being persuaded away from my original idea (which the leader of all the charity events said would've been a good idea). The marketing was also poor, which was also a major factor. I know from my studies that marketing could easily be the most important aspect of business there is. You could have the best product ever but if people don't know it exists or how it will benefit their life; you're not going anywhere. My tonsillitis was the week prior to the event and even on the event itself my energy levels were still low which effected the marketing. The guy who helps my Student's Union throw events also said he thought the idea was good which helps reinforce the notion that the marketing was poor. Plus the people who did come said they enjoyed themselves :)

Needles to say March took it out of me and my resolutions fell backwards, but let's see if some public declaration might spur me onwards.

This months resolutions are taken from my 43 Things profile rather than my January post which was primarily about my morning routine (which will still be covered):

Enjoy Being Single and Remain So Until the Right Person Comes Along
This one definitely has come into force recently. It's now been almost six months since my break-up with my ex and I can honestly say that I'm used to be being single again. I can't even see myself in a relationship right now. Two crushes/potential boyfriends have came into the scene in these past six months however I didn't feel truly right to persue them for a relationship so I left them to it. The last time I was single I'd imagine myself with every single guy I developed a crush on but now I've learned the difference between having a crush and wanting to be with someone. It's a big difference in some circumstances. 

Slowly Replace My Beauty Products With Natural Ones  
This one was going great at the start of the year due to receiving an amount of lush goodies for Christmas, however they ran out and I couldn't afford to replace them with anything fancier than goodies from the pound shop. However with two paypackets now in I am planning to ask my friend for some her homemade cheaper alternatives. 

Take Blogging Seriously Again  
So maybe I'm not taking as it as seriously as I had originally hoped, however compared to previous attempts it's a roaring success! 

Get Back Into Design (either through designing myself or just reading about it)  
Not.Happened.At.All. And I'm not entirely sure I'm bothered by it. I think this may be a small attempt for me to be a younger version of myself rather than who I am now. I'll be setting myself aside a project to remake the theme of this blogs but after that I'll probably not get involved in design again.  

Build a Stronger Online Presence  
Coming along slowly. My Twitter and Tumblr are gaining followers though I need to make more of an effort to interact with them! 

Work Out What I Want To Do After University  
Getting trickier as I approach the end of my third year. Ironically working in the careers development centre hasn't helped as I have always been one of those people who has too many interest and ambitions to pin down one specific path and seeing all that's available makes me want to study zoology/become a surf instructor/enter a game development competition even though it's not related to my degree, instead of what I'm currently doing.

See More Of Dundee  
Again dead end. In the two and half years I have been living here I've never become acquainted with anywhere that isn't city centre. 

Make A Stronger Effort To Maintain Friendships  
This is going well as I have kept in contact with my best friend from school more regularly recently andI've developed a more set group of friends that I tell most things to. 

Cut out the stalking, one person at a time  
This one did falter for a bit. I blocked the two specific people who I must absolutely not stalk however I still sometimes have a nosey at those who surround them. Though I have cut down!
There are others however I do feel that these other ones have become obsolete and no longer apply to my life. 

This month I have learned the importance of understanding your own stress levels and how much you can personally take on at once. Which in my case is less than what I was doing. I'm now into the active act of reminding myself that unless I'm in a freak accident or my ridiculously low fat diet backfires on me I should have another 60 years left in me. Plenty of time to try every physical activity ever and visit at least 60% of the globe.

morag | mo adore
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