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2011 So Far: February In Review

I totally forgot how quickly February goes! Yesterday was full of stress as I noticed so many things I thought were "next month" are so much closer than expected!

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet recently and that's because I've been banged up with a cold that eventually turned into a bad bout of tonsillitis. I'm better now but still working off the last of the symptoms - such as my sinuses around my ears being blocked (resulting in me hearing everything in echos).

So...February, what happened in this lovely short month? I celebrated my first single Valentine's Day since 2008. Took part in a charity hitchhike (more on that at some point!). Found out I passed everything from first semester (and received my first full marks). Went to my first Superbowl showing as a cheerleader (will probabaly be my last). Baked cakes for a Valentine's charity bake sale. And then fell ill. 

Some lessons learned? You take on too much! The next few weeks will be hella busy but after that I promise to chill out after and take life in a slightly more chilled manner. This tonsillitis has been a warning to me that I put my body through too much. I still eat healthily and my "drink more water" pledge has been going well but how much we do has such a big effect on us as well and I promise after the next fortnight is over I'll relax and give everyone a proper update on my life. 

I also got my first pay for my new job through - which I will not splash! I made a promise to myself that this will be money to keep me afloat until summer. The only clothing I'm allowing myself to buy is more basics as my tights, leggins and jeans are all worse for wear thanks to a washing machine malfunction.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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