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Things I Love Thursday #4

This one will be a quick one as I partake in Abertay Jailbreak this Saturday!!!

And this one will be dedicated to something in particular that I've spotted in the past few weeks.

No longer being embarrassed of my past
And no, there is no sordid stories to tell ;) Simply that I was a very shy school girl (and first year student) and when I came to university everyone was talking about trips to Ibiza they'd been on and how many of their school friends they would miss. I didn't have any stories. Not because I didn't want any but simply because I had been too shy to go out and make these things happen. It used to embarrass me, partly because I was jealous, and led me to exaggerate my teenage years. These days I just admit I was shy when people ask me for my teenage drinking stories and that the reason I only kept in contact with one person from school was simply because she was the only true friend I had. Partially this reason is because since then my confidence has grown sky-high and is something to be envied. I've now done things that most people never will and some things are very impressive when you consider me age. Three continents before I could even buy alcohol? Done. Run a charity event? In process. Performed at an event with a famous person? Check. A lot of people laugh when they're told how shy I used to be.

And the most important thing that makes me not regret my past? It has given me a greater understanding of how shy people operate. I know the difference between a shy person and a rude person (most of the time). And that a lot of shy people just want you to start the conversation - you could make some great friendships this way!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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