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Things I Love Thursday #3

So since I missed last week's let's make this one extra special ;)

Running Into Your Ex At Just The Right Moment
And by right moment I mean when you're prancing around in a cheerleading suit after a good week with people he doesn't know (popularity, eh? and if I had been with people who know him there would have been death stares). Plus my body and looks have changed since our split (for the best). I don't think he was the best influence in terms of health - he was a smoker and while I didn't take up smoking during our relationship I did develop that caffeine addiction while we were together which was probably his weak willpower rubbing off on me and he felt that vegetarianism (which starting I have felt loads better) was "unnatural" (because smoking is?) so naturally my looks have improved (but he doesn't have to know that's down to a strict diet and loads more water).

Genuinely Getting Along With Someone When You Thought You'd Struggle
Recently I've began to genuinely get along with someone when I thought it would be awkward (even if we didn't get along genuinely we would have to for "professional" reasons). I can't say much on here due to privacy issues but lets just say it taught me that you shouldn't judge people on who they know and that everyone absorbs situations and experiences differently - there's never just one side to every story ;)

Having A Job Where Your Opinions Are Valued 
My job in my Careers Development Office is going great! Every suggestion I make is taken on seriously. Not just am I in somewhat control of their social media I also get to make suggestions on their room layout and how to let students know about the events on offer!

Being Ahead of What's In The Know
You may have noticed that I am actively involved in various activities in my university and one of the reasons I like to get involved is because it means I am informed of what's happening quicker than everyone else. I'm usually the person my friend's rely on for information! And it means I don't miss out and I am usually picked to help and attend before anyone else gets a foot in.

Getting Full Marks For An Essay
And by essay I mean a 500 word reflective piece on the challenges of learning a new language in a short space of time (Greek, in my case). But to receive full marks next to grades that were maybe less than perfect (my mind was elsewhere during exam week) really lifted my mood.

My Growing Blog
I attempted another blog last summer but because I did not put enough effort into it, it never got off the ground and to this day it doesn't have a single comment. However this one is slowly growing and I have comments and followers :) I'm hardly playing with the big boys quite yet but to receive just a small amount of comments when my last one received zero means so much and really brightens my day :)

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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