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Things I Love Thursday #2

It's that time of the week: to concentrate on the good! No negative little feelings here! No sir!

Radical Self-Love. Gala Darling has started up the PlayGirls Guide To Radical Self Love again for 2011. I've been having a look and some of the advice is brilliant! If you have low self-esteem then please read through it. I know it may seen corny at first but please try and absorb what you are reading. But you know the real reason why I've included it in my list this grand Thursday? I don't feel I need it. Last year I needed it - and it lead me to new social confidence and the confidence to go out not wearing make-up during the day (I still wear it at night). I'll obviously still read her posts (I still have down days) but to read the advice and realise to you it is just regurgitation is a wonderful feeling! This is coming from someone who once seriously considered getting a nose job.

Getting into a 9-5 routine. During the week I have to be somewhere by at least 10am aside from Monday which is twelve. Last year at university I began worrying about moving into the real workforce and being faced with the 9-5 after years of only doing something only three days a week. While many students will moan at this routine I think it will benefit me more in the end. It's not even that bad! Just get to bed at a sensible hour and after you hit the shower you should be bright and breezy ;) A good diet and lifestyle helps with this too!

How a change in diet can change you health. I considered being vegetarian once when I was 15 but didn't follow through (I was still living at home with my non-vegetarian parents) but recently I wanted to give it a try again (just to see if I could). For about the last week and a half my diet has been close to vegetarian/raw. Being vegetarian is not easy (finding a sandwich in my university shop proved difficult!) so I'm not strict. I also only have one vegetarian friend - that I know of - so the weekly dinner parties we have usually require me to eat meat. This is not a big deal for me as this is not about morals; after a week of being off the meat my body felt loads better! I have way more energy which fits with my busy lifestyle and I no longer get stomach cramps! This is why I want to carry on! I also have increased my raw intake! Last year I gave up heavily processed ready meals and now I'm increasing that so I'm cutting out caffeine, sweets and other nasties! Again, it's not strict as I'm a student budget here! I'm planning to talk more in depth about this development at some point.

Having loads of people offer to help you! I'm involved in my university's RAG society and have been put in charge of an event for Fairybox. Since starting semester two I have had four people offer to help me with my event (which looks like it might be huge!). A lot of these people came to me to help and it feels rewarding to have people offer to help, whether it's because you make a good impression on them or they really like the idea. I used to be really shy and people barely noticed me so it feels like my new confidence I developed last year (which was scary in some respects) is now paying off!

A fully packed 2011 calender! I mentioned last time about how this semester looks like it will be a busy one! It now looks like it will be busier. My social calender is now well and truly gearing up with two birthday weekends away plus a charity jailbreak. I think two-thousand and heaven will be my year!

As far as blog news goes, I have a layout design in my head! Once I find a spare moment I will sit down and re-learn coding language and get this show on the road!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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