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Things I Love Thursday #1

I'm sure we all know what this about by now ;)

Getting a new job! And most importantly a job I want to do! I will be working in my university's Career Development Office and I will be working on the information side of things. This will include posters and promotions but most excitingly, helping the department develop their social networking strategy. Not only will I be updating their Facebook and Twitter pages but I will be helping them design them and will help them utilise the features of these sites; not being told "here's some info - now update!" This is very exciting because social media engrosses me and is a career path that I am considering (more as a back-up, but a path none the less) so this actually ties into what I want to do and allows me to develop specific skills and adds experience. Working as a waitress has given me transferable skills (I used them as examples in the interview) but now I'll be getting industry specific skills :)

Looking forward to things! It looks like this will be a busy semester for me. Not only with my course (I have to do a mini-dissertation this semester to prepare for my fourth year) but also socially and professionally. I have my job, I'm working with my university's fundraising society and will be heading up an event (event management is another area I am considering), I am involved in the setting up of a Business School society and will be helping organise a Business Ball for the entire Business School, plus I'll have a Sport Ball to attend and my dance show to partake in. Phew! But I love being busy and it means I'll have stories for the grand kids. ;)

Plumping up that CV! Encase it wasn't obvious not only will I have fun and make new stories and new friends, but writing my CV will become more difficult, not because I'll need to fill space with waffle but because I'll have so many examples to choose from :)

Realising everything worked out for the best Anyone who read my last blog (which was probably nobody) will know I went through a harsh break up last October. I had been in a string of relationships for two years and now I've been single for three months I feel empowered :) My last two boyfriends were, lets say, not the most ambitious of people and weren't always as supporting of my endeavours as they could've been. Looking back I think they were holding me back. Now that I am single I have thrown myself into many more projects that I didn't have the time for and I feel on fire! Let's say: I'm going to have to meet someone pretty fucking awesome in order for me to take myself off the market again!
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