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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

My (old) Dressing Area

This is actually a 'vintage' post (and by vintage I mean from January) that I never got 'round to completing and publishing. Part of the problem about publishing this piece (I imagine) was because I think it crossed too far into my personal life with some very obvious picture showing what my room and personal property looked like. However I have since moved out of this flat (so grateful that I can now live by myself and have a decent landlord!) and now feel a lot more comfortable showing how I chose to organise my clothes and jewellery in order to help aid dressing!

I used to have such trouble deciding on what to wear (still do sometimes!) but something that I've done (since I've stopped living in my parents house or student halls) is making the effort to properly display everything that I own. If you can see what you own then it is easier to get ready in the morning (or night!). If everything is squeezed into one wardrobe and your make-up all in one box then certain items can be easy to forget about.

 My dressing area

When I moved into this flat with my new huge room, I made an effort to display all my make-up, clothes, shoes and jackets in a way that made it easy for me to pull out something new to wear and create new looks. The above picture shows an overview of the area of my room which I dedicated to dressing and beauty! 

The jackets are displayed on a stand-alone rack that I got from Argos which I also draped bags and scarfs on. It now sits in my new flat the same way. The bottom of the clothes rail also has my high heeled shoes lined up along it. I don't wear heels very often so didn't need these on the shoe rack at the back wall (that was reserved for everyday shoes!) 

And a few close ups:
My Make-up shelf:
 On here you can see my mirror, cottom buds, eyeshadows (pink box), brushes, body cream (orange box), eyeliners (cupcake cup) and nail stuff (clear box that you can just see). The windowsill had face cream on it which was a problem in summer - it all melted! In my new flat all skin care is now the window free bathroom!

My hair area

My hair area is now completely different in my new flat - but I think I still preferred this set-up. My new flat just doesn't allow for it (plugs, space etc). I had spare stuff on the bottom shelf (clips, curlers, hair dye) with everything I need on an every day basis on the top. 
Jewellery shelf
My jewellery is still display in a similar way. The pastel blue tray is actually designed for dips! The wood box contains bits and pieces that are more for fancy dress so don't need to be shown so much.

The earring holder in the middle of the picture was a 20th birthday present from my mum. Whilst everything else is bits and bobs collected over the years with many being "presents" from the former residents of the flat who didn't take everything with them! 

I now live alone in my new flat so a lot of the layout out has changed because not everything needs to be confined to the bedroom. All make-up is now in the bathroom (where a big mirror exists!) along with the majority of my hair stuff and skin products. 

How do you organise your clothes? Like me? Or is it all lying on your floor? 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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