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How I Looked 18.01.2011

Top: H&M, Skirt: Quiz, Rings: Accessorize

This is the outfit that I wore to my interview on Tuesday (which I got!). The top I'm wearing from H&M was specifically bought for another interview last March (which I also got!). When it comes to interview outfits I really dislike doing the whole shirt and smart trousers thing as it's too unoriginal for my liking. Obviously you should not go too far out for an interview but just a little twist is great! My advice: always wear black and still keep it simple and not slutty (notice that even though my skirt is short I'm still wearing thick leggings??!!?).

And also sure you're jacket is smart and matches the outfit:

Jacket: New Look

Have you ever noticed that some jackets either look good zipped up or undone, but not both? I think this one is an example of that. Maybe the look on my face isn't helping  in the bottom picture but I think this jacket looks way better undone. 

And wear a smartish bag:

Bag: New Look

I also should point out that a lot of my clothes were bought a while ago. I don't rush out and buy new clothes often and I'm also on a clothes shopping detox for an undecided amount of time (probably until I feel my bank balance is at a reasonable amount) so I'm forcing myself to work with the clothes I have (which is a lot, actually). I think the money from my new job will help keep me at a sensible amount and not end up in too much debt when I finish university. Then my summer work back home will be for spending. My friends are actually talking about a trip to Alton Towers, Paris or Amsterdam (I'm pushing Amsterdam!) so I need to keep money aside for a possible trip away :)

Morag x

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