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2011 So Far: January in Review

As tomorrow marks the last day of the first month of the year I felt it would be a good idea to look back on the year so far and see how I did with those resolutions

My Sleeping Pattern
Getting better though I am still having some problems falling asleep in the first place! Thanks however to my new timetable where I have to be in university by at least twelve everyday (except Tuesday but I work then) I am getting up much earlier. And as for weekends? I'm out the door by noon as well :) Could be better but at least I'm getting better at it. 

Having a Proper and Delicious Breakfast
I'd say I'm having a proper breakfast however it's the same everyday now: porridge with almonds, a mandarin, a banana and two slices of wholemeal toast. But at least this keeps me filled for sometime and are all healthy options and aside from the bread are all natural (though raw milk isn't available in Scotland). Once I start getting paid for my job I will try and mix it up a bit. 

Ditch the Caffeine
Going very well. I still struggle when I walk into my university's Student Union as the coffee bar is on the ground floor but I held onto my will-power and walked on by. I also feel like I have much more energy now and it's good to know it's not from an artificial source. 

Tidying Up Before I Go To Bed
This one isn't going so well. I live a fairly busy life and when I get home I usually just want to relax and go to sleep! I know I need to tidy-up as I got myself into a complete frenzy this week with how messy my room was. Even  just washing plates when I'm done with them and hanging up my jackets would make a huge difference! 

Yoga & Weights Each Morning (Maybe Some Meditation)
Hasn't happened. At all. 

Putting More Effort Into Daily Outfits
Getting there! My night time outfits are by far definitely improving (as is my make-up) but my daytime outfits still need more work (I blame winter) but are definitely a step up from what was happening in December time! 

Drink More Water
Like a lot of my resolutions I have improved on this one but I am drinking nowhere near as much as I'd like to (and need to!). I've got into the habit of drinking two glasses in the morning and filling up a bottle for my day at university.  

Another thing I mentioned recently was a relationship with myself which I have also been working on. From the end of December until mid-January I was somewhat seeing someone. I wasn't planning to do anything about this small crush but when he decided to do something, well, I got a bit carried away. Through getting to know him I could see the negative pattern I identified in my two past boyfriends showing up in him: not having much ambition, not getting involved in university life (I actively participate in one sports team and two societies) and being somewhat lazy. Admittedly he was an improvement as he at least had a paying job (and has done so for years) but he's not completely on my wave length when it comes to ambition. So I walked away. Not officially so the doors are still open but just kind of left it. I didn't settle this time. And I'm proud of myself. I let my head have a say and it was for the best. It was only three loser later that I decided I should let my head do some talking. Yes, my crush still exists but some crushes should only ever remain crushes. 

And in other news:
  • The fund-raiser I'm in charge of for the charity Fairybox is now officially booked for the 9th of March. I'm keeping things under wrap right now until the details are confirmed. But it's going to be huge!
  • The University's Dance Team (which I am part of) is now planning their annual show and it looks like it will also be huge (the coordinator has described it as the biggest thing my university has ever done in terms of performance!). While I am not involved in the organising or choreographing myself just being part of the performance will be huge for me.
  • I've agreed (along with two other people) to partake in a charity jailbreak in February - I am not officially signed up but should be this week! Eek! Scary but exciting!

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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